Crosby Road Construction

Crosby Road Trucking and Timber, Inc was incorporated in 2004 and the name changed to Crosby Rd Construction, Inc. in 2007 to better reflect the type of work that we do.

CrosswindNX550wWe are a General Contractor specializing in Highway Maintenance projects.

We have a fleet of 12 mechanical and vacuum sweepers.

We also have a fleet of dump trucks, truck mounted attenuators and debris trucks designed to keep the litter and large debris off the roadway.

For the past 10 years we have completed sweeping contracts for Texas Department of Transportation in Harris, Montgomery, Bexar, Jefferson, Webb, Val Verde, Maverick and LaSalle counties. These projects include:

  • debris removal,
  • highway sweeping,
  • guardrail repair,
  • traffic control,
  • stripping and reflective  buttons,
  • excavation,
  • landscape improvements,
  • fencing and right of way mowing.

Bonded and insured. EEOC and MSHA certified

Crosby Rd Construction has also completed projects for Texas Municipal Power Agency, Harris County Flood Control and Harris County Engineering including Lignite Mine reclamation and revegetation, soil stabilization and all aspects as a paving and dirt contractor.

Crosby Rd Construction also offers professional customer service in:

  • Municipality sweeping,
  • Parking Lot Sweeping,
  • Construction Site Services,
  • Private Communities,
  • Special Event Cleanup,
  • Industrial Power Sweeping.

Safety is a priority with Crosby Rd Construction, both of the traveling public on the roadways and on the work site.

President Randy Krueger